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Each puzzle is an executable file which you can download to your PC and run whenever you wish. Simply right-click on a puzzle and select "Save Link As..."  After downloaded, locate the file in the location you chose, and double-click the file to run it. (Depending on your system configuration, you may have to "Run as Administrator.") The puzzles will not install anything on your PC, nor make any changes to your system... everything is within the downloaded program file and is simply executed in memory. To remove a puzzle from your PC, simply delete the file you downloaded. We don't do ads, malware, spyware, etc... so don't fret yourselves. Just download, and enjoy.

If you have any comments or questions about the puzzles,
please -[ let us know ]-

(21) Riverfront Park Mural

(22) Arnot Ogden Hospital

(23) Greetings from Elmira

(24) Clemens' Home

(25) Brand Homestead

(26) Armory & City Hall

(27) County Court House

(28) Cup Ride at Eldridge Park

(29) Elmira Free Academy (1945 Postcard)

(30) East Water Street (an old postcard)







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